The prestige of FIRECPS is recognised for fire safety excellence. In most environments, our
experts will advise, plan, implement and commission a fire risk management system.
With the systems that are planned, supplied and assembled entirely and ready for service, we
deliver a flexible approach to fire safety.
Our deep experience in fire safety, our research and development engagement and our staff's
commitment to protecting people and property from fire supports FIRECPS's expertise.
Our services include the initial estimation of the fire risk and the design, construction,
monitoring, commissioning and the management of the final device for an efficient and
economical solution.
Whatever the scale, complexity or simplicity of your specifications, FIRECPS will provide
you with all you need. FIRECPS is a major fire prevention technology provider: Every day,
FIRECPS fire safety companies are used by consumers in more than 40 countries to help
defend life and property on land and at sea. Our knowhow covers fire materials and
equipment design, produce, installation and repair, aided by a wide variety of services
ranging from the engineering to the teaching of fire.

Daily service for fire protection systems is required to work at peak efficiency and fight fire
efficiently. Our service teams test and review your plan regularly so that all the requirements
needed are met. We call day and night during the year to help our technicians fix most issues
on-site by servicing, repair and troubleshooting.
With its large capacity and versatility, we can also maintain other manufacturers' supplied
We are ready for emergency repairs on fire safety systems and items on 24-hour standby. Our
service technicians are available. Our teams are fitted with mobile technology and self-
contained vehicles to deal with most of the problems on the field.
 The prestige of FIRECPS is famed for fire excellence. In most environments, our specialists
will consult, plan, implement and commission a fire risk management system.

By providing products that are planned, supplied and assembled entirely and ready to work,
we provide a turnkey approach to fire safety.
Our vast fire safety experience, our research and development effort, and our employees'
devotion to saving people and property from fire support FIRECPS's awareness.
Initial evaluation of your fire risk, developing an appropriate, economical solution for
installation, testing and commissioning and managing your device are part of our services.
Whatever the scale, smallness, sophistication or simplicity, FIRECPS is still aimed at
delivering its goods.


FIRECPS is a leading fire prevention solution provider:
Every day, FIRECPS's fire safety company saves lives and property both on land and at seas
through consumers from over 40 nations.
We offer a wide range of fire departments, from technical facilities to the teaching of fire
products, to the design, production, installs, and operation of fire products and appliances.
Regular maintenance is necessary for fire safety systems to function properly and to fight
fire. Our support teams monitor and inspect the system regularly so that it meets the relevant
requirements. Day and night we are at your call all year round, to support our technicians in
the repair, maintenance and troubleshooting of much of the issues.
Our vast expertise and versatility allows us to manage many other manufacturers' equipment.
Support Technicians from FIRECPS are on stand-by 24 hours a day; ready to restore the
systems and goods for emergency purposes. Our teams are fitted with individual cars and
mobile technology to solve most on-site service issues.
Where there is "lifesaving" equipment, it is important that it is ready for an emergency.
There are stringent conditions for retaining critical facilities and fire safety devices and those
responsible for workplaces. Responsibilities may include the repair of facilities according to
particular requirements, keeping maintenance reports and documenting the required

The expert conformity and inspection departments of FIRECPS will periodically monitor and
inspect your device and facilities to ensure that it works fully and that all regional industry
requirements and legislation are complied with.
Not only does FIRECPS plan, supply and equipment to monitor the system, but we are also
able to test and operate the fire response equipment for some of the technically sophisticated
fire removal systems that are available.
Your gas suppression system can function successfully only if there is only minimal leakage
in your IT or electronics space. If the space spills, the fire remover exits until the fire is
managed effectively.
The leak strength of a room is determined by our room honesty test. It predicts how long the
extinguishing agent will last to contain the fire effectively. It's quick and uncompromising to
measure. Room credibility checking should be arranged for a time that does not conflict with
the routine operations. It is an important yet still clear part of the fire safety scheme.
Services for peace of mind enforcement and testing:
Where there are 'lifesaving' devices, ensuring it is ready in case of emergency is essential.
Strict standards for maintaining critical facilities, such as fire safety equipment, refer to those
responsible for the workplaces. Responsibility may include maintaining equipment according
to particular requirements, keeping maintenance records, and reporting on compliance.
Our professional Enforcement and Test Teams will routinely test and inspect the system and
equipment to ensure that it performs in full compliance with all regional industry standards.
We are not only developing, supplying, and installing some of the most sophisticated
technology available for fire removal. We are also testing and maintaining equipment to track
the device in response to an emergency.
Your gas suppression system can operate efficiently only if there are tiny leakages in the
room containing your I.T. or electronic equipment. If the space leaks, the fire suppressor
escapes until the fire is managed effectively.
Our Room Integrity Test tests a room's leak resistance. It estimates how long the firefighting
agent stays at the right level to contain the fire efficiently—fast and unobtrusive research.
Room integrity checking should be performed at a time that does not conflict with daily
operations. This is a significant but precise aspect of your fire safety regime.

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