In Ajman, United Arab Emirates, FIRE CONTROL PROTECTION SYSTEMS was set up in 2013. In keeping with the U.A.E. fire code and NFPA standard for all forms of facilities, we carry out the complete installation of Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting systems.

Besides, the fire alarm and fire fighting system are serviced and maintained. Our sales staff will also track the after-sales services closely.

For company owners, fire protection is integral. Instantaneously a fire will ignite and spread in seconds. When the systems work as planned, businesses invested in fire safety systems profit significantly. This eliminates structural loss, costly machinery, records, and inventory. All sorts of fire safety devices that can identify fire and secure building occupant and appliances are Flamm warning systems, smoke alarms, and sprinkler systems.

For all forms of fire alarm and firefight systems, fire control has maximum potential for the execution of all installation work. Both programs are undertaken with highly technical and qualified engineers. We also carry on repair duties in addition to the project work. Firefighting, fire warning, and another fire-related device annual repair agreement. A particular unit carries out all the repair work. We are thankful for your time and look forward to your constructive answers.

Why people choose our company for fire protection ?

  • Firecps's extensive extinguishing range covers options of natural or chemical extinguishing chemicals, mixed gas/water as well as water misting solutions.
  • We provide a turnkey fire safety strategy with systems that are fully and ready to work and are planned, supplied and built.
  • Firecps Support technicians are able to take any emergency on 24-hour standby.
  • Most of our goods have quality approvals at national and international level and we aim to provide best quality products.
  • We give solutions with gas/water blended and water mist solutions with natural or chemical agents.
  • With a broad variety of approvals including CE label, Firecps provides a wide range of premium fire extinguishers.
  • Fire Defense services require regular operation in order to work properly and battle fire efficiently.
  • For halon recovery and recycling, Firecps is an approved Halon Banking and Receiving facility.