Requirement for Hotel Fire Safety: what property managers need for fire safety

Created 20.04.2021

Security of the hotel fire is a must. You want to keep the visitors safe as a property manager or hotel owner. But it may be challenging to maintain track with all the facets of your Hotel's Fire Security standards with evolving regulation requirements, a wide variety of fire safety methods, and a selection of fire sprinklers, fire detectors, fire extinguishers, and many more.

This post on the hotel fire protection standards provides you with everything you need to know to keep your Hotel in good condition, whether you're trying to find out when to get your sprinkler system tested or what kind of fire extinguishers you need.

Good Practices for Hotel Fire Protection

While the safety standards of your Hotel can vary according to the venue, the size of your building, and your facilities, there are a few simple best practices for hotel fire safety that every Hotel has to obey. Any of the essentials are:

Carefully removing obstructions from ensuring corridors, doors, and staircases.

Prep for evacuation.

The whole building should create and post your hotel evacuation plan. Learn how a good fire removal plan can be made.

Training on fire protection for workers.

Staff should be instructed on the protocol for emergency response. Regularly and according to municipal code requirements, fire exercises should be conducted.

The Hotel has a fire response team formed on call.

Personnel knows how to call in case of a fire and contact numbers with the fire response team.

Any hotel has an evacuation plan, fire management procedure training personnel, and work to uphold best practices in fire safety, such as clearing corridors, doors, and stairs. The more trained and prepared your employees would respond with emergency assistance, the better you will be in a position to react to an emergency and avoid a fire threat.

Fire prevention and security systems: Hotel fire safety specifications

In addition to best practice hotel fire security protocols, a combination of fire detection and safety programs must be incorporated in any hotel. Again, the Hotel would be responsible for the particular items that you select and install, but each Hotel would require fire safety devices, such as sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and more. Let's discuss some of the tools and technologies needed to ensure proper hotel fire protection. Popular criteria for hotel protection include:

  • Self-closing staircase doors
  • Fire alarms in every room and gas detectors
  • Signs exit and exit
  • Lights of emergency
  • Manual devices of warning

In addition to some simplified features, building-wide fire protection technology would be required in your Hotel. For them to operate appropriately in the case of a burn, broader fire safety and mitigation equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire-sprinkler devices have to be inspected routinely and serviced. These are the fundamental recommendations on hotel fire protection for these systems:

Extinguishers of portable fire

Each Hotel needs portable extinguishers. You would be reliant upon the types of fire-extinguishing your building requires. E.g., in areas like the entrances and conference rooms, you would need kitchen-specific fire extinguishers for the restaurant and a separate extinguishing class. Please use this guide to pick the correct fire extinctor for your hotel venue.

You will still need to make sure they are mounted correctly in addition to finding the best fire extinguisher for your Hotel. Remote fire extinguishers should be appropriately positioned in a wall case or hanging on the wall for easy access to the fire. Fires should not be put on the floor with extinguishers.

Training for workers to extinguish the fire

It is necessary to ensure that workers are routinely qualified as extinctors. Basic preparation guarantees that workers are trained to use fire extinguishers correctly and respond to fire threats adequately to ensure that customers are safe.

Check, testing and repair fire extinguishers.

Standard fire extinguishers must be checked, monitored, and maintained at your Hotel. If you don't handle your fire extinguishers properly, your employees and visitors might be put at risk. See The Vanguard Code Specifications Guide and see this blog to figure out when to replace your industrial fire extinctors for a comprehensive list of code requirements for fire extinguisher checking, inspection, or repair.

Sprinkler System for Hotel Fire protection system :

Hotels must also adopt a fire sprinkler scheme. Fire sprinkler devices are exceptionally successful for the evacuation of flames from the Hotel. They are supposed to be activated as soon as a fire begins, and they work to avoid a fire before it gets out of hand. They allow visitors the opportunity to quickly leave the building while still working to minimize further harm to their house.

Fire sprinkler systems work only if they are correctly implemented, tested, and serviced regularly. Your design should be the hotel fire sprinkler:

  • Installed in every room with sprinklers
  • Installed according to the NFPA standards
  • Qualified technicians regularly maintained

This blog will help you explain various fire sprinkler systems when you are new to hotel fire safety. Depending on the kind of fire sprinkler mounted in your Hotel, you would have to comply with some inspection, control, and repair specifications. You will find a checklist of how much you have checked your fire sprinkler system to hold you on time.

Fire suppression systems for special hazards and kitchens

Any particular hazard or fire suppression system in the kitchen is the final part of your hotel fire safety system that we are discussing today.

Wet systems, meaning that water is used to cool and to prevent fire spread, are the central feeder systems in the Hotel. But you will also need a particular hazard suppression system if your Hotel has a restaurant, kitchen, or another specific hazard.

These fire control systems are designed to fight against the unique fire dangers that kitchens or fireworks pose. They are also a key component of your hotel fire protection plan and require different schedules for testing and inspection.

Here you can learn how to inspect and service your unique fire safety system in restaurant fire control systems, or see Vanguard's Code Requirements Guide for more information about how often.

A good hotel fire safety plan includes a lot. Still, every precaution and requirement for fire protection is essential to ensure that all your guests enjoy a safe, comfortable environment. The Fire & Security team from Vanguard helps you walk through the area when you are new to hotel fire safety and not sure where you start with routine inspections and operation. We are your resource for hotel fire protection, from installing your fire extinguisher system to fire-extinguisher training and more.